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Advanced Features Of CarPooling App

(A) User/Rider Panel

1. Geolocation

The geolocation feature lets users know where the driver is right now. With this feature, users can see how long it takes for the driver to reach their destination.

2. Ride Searching

Ride searching is an exciting new feature that allows riders to search for available rides simply by mentioning the pick-up & drop destination. It also provides complete information about the available rides with their respective fare.

3. Payment Gateway

Payment gateway integration is an essential aspect of car pooling mobile app development. For users' convenience, a Car pooling apps like Bla Bla car offers numerous payment gateways, such as payment via debit or credit cards, UPIs, wallet, cash, etc.

4. ETA

The ETA feature gives a clear idea to the users about the driver's estimated arrival time for pick up. So, ask your ride-sharing app development company to integrate this feature into your car pooling app .

5. Fare Estimation

The users also want to know the total amount they must pay as the fare while booking a pool car. A hazy fare estimation informed the riders ahead of placing the final booking request.

6. Reviews & Ratings

This feature helps the travelers to share their experiences for the trip taken per their journey experience.

7. In-app Chat

The Car pooling app should also have an in-built chat feature so that people can communicate with each. This is an outstanding feature of this car pooling app for Android and IOS platform. Riders can easily communicate with the drivers to know the current location, arrival time, or assistance.

8. Emergency

Users who face difficulty during their journey can press the ride sharing app emergency button to raise alarm alerts.

(B) Driver Panel

1. Booking

Suppose the driver wants to cancel or accept any booking request as per their availability. In that case, this "Booking" feature plays a vital role in the rideshare app. Drivers have complete control over accepting or rejecting any booking request.

2. Navigation

Navigation is essential as it provides real-time details about different routes and traffic on the way.

3. Fare Estimation

Like users, the driver also knows the estimated fare they'll get for their trip. The driver may accept or reject a ride if the fare estimations are visible during booking requests.

4. Reports

The drivers use this feature to keep an eye on the daily, weekly, or monthly earnings on the trips taken during a specific time interval. Implementing this feature to your ride sharing app may be on a little higher side, but still, it makes the app more unique & functional.

5. Review

One of the key features you should remember while taking on demand Car pooling mobile app building services. With the help of this feature, the drivers can rate the passengers according to their behavior during the journey.

(C) Admin Panel

1. Dashboard

A complete dashboard for admins allows them to manage & monitor the vehicles, view and analyze critical stats & send alerts to the drivers and the passengers.

2. Driver Management

Driver Management helps the admins manage drivers and their corresponding aspects, such as adding new drivers, payments management, removing them, and unblocking them.

3. Passenger Management

Make sure to ask your Car pooling app development company to implement this feature. It enables the driver to know the total rides taken by the passengers and the rating & reviews provided by them.

4. Offers & Discounts

Plenty of offers & discounts are provided to the users to use the taxi-sharing services continuously. This feature allows the admin to manage all the offers & discounts.

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